Saint Monica's Ball         City of Lights at Night



Thank you for visiting this site to learn more about how YOU can be a part of this memorable evening for our young people!! Parents are a vital part of making this event a success – we need your support to make this an evening your teen will never forget…an evening they can look back on in years to come with great joy!

JPII: This event was inspired by, and is rooted in, Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teachings. JPII lovingly shared the depth and beauty of the Catholic Church’s teachings on human sexuality in a way that meets and counters today’s self-serving view of human sexuality, married love and life. How do we get a high school formal out of those teachings? JPII also challenged us all to be a part of the NEW EVANGELIZATION – to re-evangelize our culture and bring the light of Truth to all through our love for Christ and through living that love in our daily actions. St. Monica’s Ball is one way to reach our youth with a FUN message of virtue – something we desperately need in our world.

CREATING A UNIQUELY CATHOLIC EVENT: All the Planning Team members are parents…we had to ask ourselves: should a Catholic high school formal be different than a secular one? If so, how do you make that happen? What is the point? As the Planning Team pondered these questions over 10 years ago, Father Jack also asked us to make sure the event was pleasing to God and welcoming Christ in every respect. We looked to Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for clarification and we came up with three basic areas that needed to be rooted in virtue for this event: behavior, dress and music.

With the help and support of our priests, particularly Fr. Tran, we came up with a strong dress code (based mostly on Colleen Hammond’s book, Dressing with Dignity); with input from many parents and teens we came up with a music play list (which is always being added to); and with the idea of educating our young people on formal manners we came up with the behavior code. The goal is to live virtue - to teach our teens that a good time does not mean forfeiting your faith or your standards. The Planning Team spends a full year preparing for this event to make it the most incredible evening for our young people!! We also spend this year committed to praying for you and your teen as you consider sending them to this event.

WHAT INSPIRES US: We sincerely believe each young lady deserves her “Cinderella” moment…to be the princess…and that each young man deserves his moment to step up and be that Prince – this is not some silly Disney ideal, this is solidly rooted in our Catholic faith and tradition. As children of the King…we are all royalty…and thus the reason we are having a BALL for these young people - teaching our teens to honor their own God given dignity encourages honoring the dignity of all.

PARENTS: Your teen will spend a lovely evening with other teens who are seeking out this type of event. What we need from YOU is support. Support with regards to following the dress and behavior codes that are clearly detailed on this site – go over each with your teen prior to signing the paperwork. Be sure you are all on the same page so that the Planning Team can spend the evening serving your child…not enforcing rules that you and your teen agreed to follow. Please do not put us in a position where we have to deny entrance to this event for dress code infractions – this is your decision before the ball, not ours at the ball. Other parents are investing in this event because we do have the dress and behavior codes, they expect us to abide by them. Please realize that teens who show up in attire that does not meet the agreed to dress code will not be allowed to attend and there is no refund. Signed paperwork is on site if needed (any dress code/behavior code issues will be handled by Father Jack/Patrick Klein or a member of the Planning Team). Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about the dress code please contact Enid at

(Please realize we are busy moms planning this event…you may not get an instant response…allow 24-48 hours for a reply - thank you!)

Questions about the Behavior Code can be sent to Patrick Klein at:

Music requests are taken up to 2 weeks prior to the ball – all songs must be clean song/clean artist (any artist with anything explicit or mature on any music site will not be allowed).

Any other questions about this event can be sent to:

We are truly looking forward to serving your teen on April 17th!!! Please keep this event, all our wonderful college age and parent volunteers and all the teens attending in your prayers – thank you!!

Download and print the Dress & Behavior Code Agreement Form

Parents and Staff volunteering for the formals....many hands make light work! Volunteers spend two entire days decorating for the ball each year...and it all comes down in less than two hours (no joke!). This year we will have the ball in our NEW St. Augustine Hall!!