Saint Monica's Ball         City of Lights at Night
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St. Monica's Ball – City of Lights at Night

7:00 p.m. ~ 10:30 p.m.
St. Monica’s Catholic Church
1700 Buford Highway – Duluth GA
Lyke Hall

An Invite from Jason Evert

The information on this site should answer all of your questions regarding the upcoming ball. If you need further assistance do not hesitate to email K. McCusker at or Patrick Klein at

For years we have been providing a formal dinner/dance experience that is both wholesome and affordable. This event is designed for older teens (sophomore through seniors in high school). Each attendee will enjoy a full formal dinner on china with attending glassware and cutlery – appetizers, drinks and desserts will be served throughout the ball as well. Each guest receives a free commemorative picture frame and favor bag to take home at the end of the evening. Thanks to generous donors we have INCREDIBLE raffle items to raffle off (for free) throughout the night. All of this in a beautiful setting while dancing to fun (and clean) music.

All of this is provided for a ticket price of just $35 per ticket. Thanks to our many donors (noted on this page) we can provide this memorable, and affordable, event for our teens.


Please go to either the LADIES or GENTLEMEN tabs, as well as the BEHAVIOR CODE tab, on this website. Read all of the information regarding the dress and behavior codes for this event. Once you have read this information and agree to it you can print off the BEHAVIOR AND DRESS CODE AGREEMENT FORM – this form must be signed by BOTH the parents and the teen attending – we cannot issue a ticket unless this form is signed by both. Paperwork is kept at the event….if we do not have your signed paperwork you cannot come in. The $35 ticket price ENDS on March 26th - 2021. No ticket sales at the door. ANY TICKETS AVAILABLE AFTER THE RSVP DATE OF MARCH 26TH WILL COST $60 EACH. Late ticket sales end on Friday, April 2ND - no ticket sales the week of the ball.

Paperwork (links to paperwork are on this page as well as the other tabs - print off, read and sign) and check can be dropped off at the St. Monica's office or in the drop box on the RE Building wall. BE SURE TO MARK THE ENVELOPE: ST. MONICA'S BALL (or it might not get to the correct place in a timely manner). If all the paperwork is signed by BOTH parent and teen and the check is included you will receive a ticket within 10 days (tickets cannot be issued until all paperwork is signed). Paperwork/check can also be mailed to: St. Monica's Catholic Church (ATTN: St. Monica's Ball) - 1700 Buford Highway - Duluth, GA 30097.

TICKET SALES FOR THE 2021 ST. MONICA'S BALL ARE LIMITED - if you have friends who would like to attend please be sure they are aware of this!! On time RSVP's have the best chance of not being sold out. As this is our FINAL BALL we may well sell out by March 26th.

HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE RIDES!! This year we will once again offer horse drawn carriage rides around the church grounds during the event - thanks to generous sponsors this unique addition is made possible for our attendees. Ticket sales are limited to ensure all attending get a chance to enjoy a carriage ride. ( We would ask that you all keep weather conditions for the 17th of April in your prayers so there are no issues with this lovely addition to the ball!!)


Dates are optional – about half of the teens attending come with a date, the other half do not. If you would like to bring a date you can pay for their ticket but the ticket will not be issued until the paperwork for your date has been received. Please be sure your date is aware of this – we must have the Behavior/Dress Code Agreement Form by the deadline stated (March 26th 2021) for your date to attend. This event is for high school sophomores thru seniors - an upperclassman can ask a freshman as a date (following the guidelines detailed here) but freshmen, as a rule, are not allowed to attend. NO TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR.

****Please be sure to let us know about any food allergies – we are happy to accommodate as much as possible.

***** PLEASE NOTE: As Easter is late this year the ball falls within the Octave of Easter - for those attendees who observe no-meat Fridays year round this is a feast day and your obligation is waved - while we will have side dishes that are non-meat the main courses will be meat (typically two different choices).

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