Saint Monica's Ball         City of Lights at Night

Saint Monica's Ball Behavior Code

  • All slow dancing will be done in formal dance position with the gentleman holding the lady’s right hand in his left and the lady’s left arm resting on his right arm. This allows for room between the couple dancing (aka – “room for the Holy Spirit").

  • During fast songs there will be NO dancing which violates our code of decency and respect. Teens attending will be given ONE warning about correcting their behavior before being escorted from the ball until their parent (s) can pick them up.

  • With the exception of hand holding there will be NO public displays of affection at all!

  • Cell phones must be kept OFF and AWAY during the event – this is a formal event and your attention should be focused on the people at your table, not on a device. It is beyond rude to be playing games or checking FB/Twitter/Instagram or texts during an event. Phones are for quick pictures only. (there are many great spots in the room for pictures )

  • All teens are expected to treat our chaperones with respect at all times. Any disrespectful behavior will result in that teen being escorted from the ball to await a parent pick up.

  • Any teen arriving with (or caught with) any alcohol/drugs/weapons will be meeting with the Duluth Police. This includes arriving at the dance in a manner which leads the greeters or chaperones to suspect the teen has been drinking.

  • All attendees are expected to treat the event room with care and respect at all times – we are blessed to have this space to host this dance. The offender will be financially responsible for any damages to St. Monica’s and/or any equipment or decorations used at the dance.

  • Teens will remain on site and in the building for the entire event – there will be no wandering off. If a teen needs to leave before 10:15 p.m. their parent (s) will be called and notified. (This is another reason why we need the parent information on the forms to purchase a ticket)

*Exception being the carriage rides - outdoor chaperones make sure everyone gets where they need to be during the event :)